How We See It Inc. was created with the premise of breaking the stigma of therapy within our community. By breaking the stigma around therapy, we aim to educate, introduce holistic mental awareness, and provide a platform to promote preventative measures.

What We Do

Our mission is to eliminate the stigma of therapy and use innovative approaches to provide mental health awareness.

Why We Do It

To decrease mental health issues that are common among students and provide coping skills to overcome them.

How We Do It

We conduct mental health workshops with Schools and community organizations by using music as a tool to engage students with mental health education.

How You Can Help

Would you like for us to come to your school or interested in volunteering with the organization ? Please fill out the contact information below.


hip hop therapy

Hip Hop Therapy is an avenue which we use hip-hop music as a platform to discuss and educate the youth on the various aspects of mental health and mental health awareness. The topics include anxiety, depression, suicide, etc. Through the use of Hip-Hop lyrics and content, the stage is set to provide valuable material which creates a dialogue with students. This exchange yields a deeper understanding of the importance of mental wellness and how to appropriately address mental issues when they arise.

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community outreach

How We See It is dedicated to helping our local community. We actively organize and particapte in community services, events and workshops that education, enrich and empower the lives of families, youth groups and individuals who participate.